Albany Over Boots


These Over boots are perfect for stopping Straw, hay, grass or crop seeds from getting inside your boots.

No more annoying bits of grass, straw etc covering your socks and going every where when you take your boots off.  Perfect to wear over dealer boots, short wellies or garden shoes.  One size fits all.

Great for any yard work, mucking out or farm work.

Made from 100% cotton and wax coated to prevent water damage, these over boots are a durable addition to any wardrobe. Their elasticated opening ensures a secure fit and they are the perfect match for a pair of dealer boots or half wellies. Don’t let itchy barley ears or straw ruin your day, get your pair of Albany Over Boots today and keep your feet comfortable and protected!

  • Made from 100% wax cotton to prevent water damage
  • Elasticated opening ensures a secure fit
  • Designed to match with dealer boots or wellies for added protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provides protection against itchy barley ears